Scrap Metal Recycling in Raleigh, NC

Scrap Metal Recyling in Raleigh, NC

Our planet is slowly and surely dying on us. In fact, the process doesn't even seem to be that slow anymore. We live in a society of consumers and this is perfectly ok, so long as we stop and think about what we are doing with the products we don't use anymore.

When it comes to scrap metal recycling in Raleigh we are to help. One of the major problems that people have, is that they struggle in identifying which metals are and aren't ferrous. Some are very obvious, like steel cans, but others can cause some problems.

In terms of helping you recycle your scrap metal in Raleigh, we have a number of tips for you to find out which metals are and aren't ferrous and what you can do with them.

When It Comes to Scrap Metal Recycling, Magnets Are Your Friend

Have you ever noticed how a magnet sticks to some of your appliances, like your fridge and dishwasher? That's because they contain iron and iron is attracted to magnets. If you think you have scrap metal Raleigh recommends you go over it with a magnet to discover whether or not the metals are actually ferrous. Ferrous means they contain iron. There is one exception, however, which you do have to be aware of if you want to look into scrap metal recycling. Stainless steel is not attracted to magnets at all, but is still a ferrous metal that you can recycle and scrap. In terms of scrap metal Raleigh always accepts stainless steel as well. So, don't disregard things you are not sure about straight away.

Making Scrap Metal Collections Easier For You

One of the great things about recycling scrap metal is that you don't have to sort it. For us, we will always tell you that sorting is only necessary if it is glass or paper. This is because any ferrous metals are melted together during the recycling process. Hence, you could collect all your scrap metals in one big group and take it to a scrap metal Raleigh recycling plant when you have enough.

Our scrap metal company will be happy to take smaller items off your hands as well, but you may as well collect larger amounts first. After all, that way, you will save yourself multiple trips and thereby again reduce your carbon footprint because you aren't driving unnecessarily.

Learn About Our Scrap Metal Pricing

One of the great things about recycling scrap metal is that you can get paid for it. So, don't just go to the first hauling company you see, but make sure you phone around a little bit. The only time that in terms of scrap metal Raleigh won't pay you is if you leave it through a curbside program. All you need to do is phone the various companies, including AllStar Environmental for instance, and find out what sort of prices these companies offer you. Generally, the buying price you will be quoted is a price per pound.

Why Should You Recycle?

So why should you recycle scrap metal at all? Ferrous metals are hugely damaging to the environment, particularly depending on where they get dumped. Dump them in water, for instance, and they will start to oxidize, with devastating consequences to marine life. Dump them in a nature spot and they will also start to oxidize, albeit it slower, and affect plant and animal life, causing them to get poisoned. However, it isn't just about the fact that it takes forever for ferrous metals to be reabsorbed into the environment. What is a very big environmental concern is the amount of pollution that is caused by retrieving iron ore from the earth and by the factories that then produce items out of these metals.

If scrap metal is collected and recycled, meaning it is melted back together so something new can be made out of it, quite a number of the highly polluting steps are removed. Why should we not reuse a perfectly good piece of ferrous metal, rather than depleting our planet's natural reserves? It is a very simple thing to do and it has tremendous positive consequences for our planet and our environment. That is why we should all think about our carbon footprint, not just the big corporations, but each of us as individuals. Furthermore, you are leading by example and showing the next generation what they should do to keep the planet safe, rather than ruining it like previous generations have done.

They went the extra mile for us & picked up our old junk cars that had been sitting for nearly a decade!

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