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North Carolina Recycling Company With all the fuss being directed towards people and companies going green, you will be amazed at how companies have managed to keep up with the demands of people for more recycling services. If you take a look at a North Carolina recycling company like us at AllStar Environmental, you will immediately see that we do our best to accommodate all sorts of recycling jobs so any chance to recycle is taken advantage of to the fullest.

In fact, pick any North Carolina Recycling company and the people running that company will tell you that they will take what is of no use to you anymore and make something useful out of that which you consider waste. Our primary goal and priority is to make sure we process any sort of trash you can throw our way, be it small volumes of residential garbage to larger volumes of trash and recyclable materials from larger buildings.

What Kind of Recycling Services Can You Expect from Us at AllStar Environmental?

One of the best services any recycling company can offer are deconstruction & dismantling services. We can help dismantle a building using a combination of machines and hands to make sure we get to salvage as much material as possible, which means that fewer materials go to waste. Do you know that with this type of deconstruction method, only about 1% to 2% of the whole building is surrendered to the garbage dump? We take things like flooring materials and even window frames so they can be reused, and any non-reusable materials like split limber or drywall are recycled. However, that is not all we at AllStar Environmental have to offer. As good as or deconstruction services may sound, you may also want to know about our strip-out work services especially for places where hazardous materials may be present. Bulldozing a building that contains hazardous waste can be quite disastrous, but calling in the right North Carolina recycling company can just do the trick.

Another type of service that a North Carolina recycling company that we offer is industrial recycling. You see, when a building or a business closes, a ton of industrial waste like monitors, old laptops, and filing cabinets may be left behind. Because these cannot be fixed or resold, we will see to it that the usable parts are reused and the non-reusable parts are recycled. As a North Carolina recycling company, we have a continuing relationship with Raleigh recycling services and you can rest assured that all parts and components that are no longer functional are properly disposed of.

How about Small-Scale Recycling?

If you have a small business or reside in the Triangle area, you can get in touch with us, seeing that we are, first and foremost, the leader in Wake County recycling. Not only do we offer services for big commercial clean-up projects, but we take on small-scale jobs as well. This is good for those who wish to get rid of yard waste which is not always accepted in landfills. If you live in an apartment complex, you may need to get call special garbage disposal services not just for your yard waste but also for things like computers and microwaves which, along with yard waste, are banned from NC landfills. You cannot just expect normal garbage disposal companies to take those away so you may want to give us a call and we'll help you clean up, sort, and recycle items that can still be re-used. Not only will you be able to sleep better at night knowing you have gotten rid of your garbage, but you can also sleep better knowing that we have everything covered and settled for you.

Go Green Today & Help Secure North Carolina's Recycling Goal

If you have any further questions on what our North Carolina recycling company can offer your business, please give us a call and speak with one of our representatives. We take our job seriously and make it a point to be as eco-friendly as possible and strive to recycle up to 90% of all the materials we manage to salvage.

AllStar Environmental is dedicated to help you in your recycling efforts. After all, everyone must contribute to the conservation effort if we want to save the environment.

They went the extra mile for us & picked up our old junk cars that had been sitting for nearly a decade!

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